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She That Dances in the Rain
Fandom: Veritas
Title: The Mystery of the Hidden Idol, Chapter 1
Author: raynedanser with delibby
Pairing: Calvin/Nikko
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 800 in this section
Summary: Nikko is kidnapped. Calvin worries.
Author's Notes: This fic is complete, though it is not fully divided into chapters yet, so I'm not sure how many parts there are. My thanks to delibby for having such amazing patience with me as I've dragged my heels for far too long to get it finished.


It was a night off. There was no pressing research that needed to be done right away, and they’d quickly settled into their hotel rooms. They were where they needed to be and were free to relax and do what they wanted for the evening. They’d started out watching badly dubbed movies and eating take out, but Nikko was fidgety and about to drive Calvin nuts. Since Solomon’s room was right next to theirs and Vincent was right across the hall from him, they decided to go somewhere for a little privacy and to burn off some steam. As they’d gone by Solomon’s hotel door, Nikko had thumped on it with the side of his fist and yelled something about “going out!” and they’d arrived here.

Tonight, “here” was a small night club in a questionable part of town with thumping music, strong drinks, cold beer and flashing lights. The dance floor was packed with sweaty, gyrating bodies as the colorful lights danced over them. Calvin leaned a shoulder against one speaker and held a sweaty drink in one hand as he watched Nikko. At the moment, Nikko found himself sandwiched between two blonds. He laughed at something one of them said, then looked up and winked and smiled at Calvin.

\\ On for the Fic //
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